7 Easy Maintenance Tips For Vinyl Windows

How you maintain your vinyl windows affects how they look and how long they last. It also directly affects their functionality. According to companies of windows as well as the installation experts, many of the problems people have with their window replacement in Oceanside, CA are because of improper use and maintenance.

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The proper upkeep of windows will have them looking fresh and working as they did when they were installed. The maintenance efforts for your vinyl windows should include:

1. Proper use of the windows – which means showing the entire family how to handle them thereby reducing the risk of damage due to misuse.

2. Clean the glass as often as possible – which allows the surface to drain off moisture that causes the glass to look misty or cloudy over time. It also increases the surface’s capacity to wade of dust and other tiny particles. Avoid using an abrasive cloth when cleaning.

3. Routinely clean the interior vinyl frame – this keeps it from discoloring and help preserve its vibrant new look. Use mild detergent in warm water and a soft cloth to clean the frame. Avoid strong solvents and acid cleaner because they can damage the vinyl.

4. Clean the exterior vinyl frame occasionally – meaning it should be done once every other month, unlike the case of the interior surface of the vinyl frame. Cleaning should be done in adherence to the same guidelines as those for cleaning the interior. The occasional cleaning is meant to minimize the effects of the weather on a wet or moist surface, which is why it is import to wipe dry the exterior of the vinyl frame after washing and rinsing with clean water.

5. Keep the tracks clean – which entails removing the dust and dirt that may build up in them over time putting stress on the window thereby impeding its function and efficiency. Clean the track whenever you are cleaning the glass.

6. Clean the Screens – which you should do by detaching them from the window and laying them on flat to vacuum and wipe them. Reserve the need for scrubbing with a soft brush and using soapy water for when the screens look dated due to the presence of dirt.

7. Keep the hardware lubricated – which should be done occasionally and after the vinyl windows are cleaned thoroughly. Pay attention to the hinges, the tracks, rollers, and locks. The lubricant should be water-resistant to help protect the metal hardware from corrosion. As with any home improvement, how well you do the maintenance can impact the longevity.

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