Choosing Windows for Your Home: Vinyl vs Wood Windows

Which One Is The Better Choice?

What type of windows do you have on your home right now? Wooden windows are traditionally beautiful and were the standard for quite some time. replacement windows in Oceanside, CA and other types of windows have been on the scene for quite some time, however, and they definitely have their advantages. When it comes to windows, the debate is often wood vs vinyl. So what gives? Which one is better?

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If you take a look at the advantages of vinyl windows, they are better in many ways. They are much easier to clean and maintain. They are also easy to install, and they are very durable. If you were to get vinyl windows installed on your home, you would get quite an affordable quote and a nice warranty. Let’s talk more about this vinyl vs wood debate.

In the past, colors were somewhat limited on vinyl windows. That’s not the case anymore, but it should be said that there is a chance the darker colors are going to fade over time. Still, the point here is that wooden windows were said to be the option that was more aesthetically pleasing.

Yet you have to take into account that wooden windows require maintenance over the years and need repainted and resealed. Vinyl is final. Have you heard that one before? You might not have, but vinyl is supposed to be a window choice that lasts for a long time. Plus, it is a very energy efficient choice, too.

Yet if you look at the specs, vinyl is hollow. And when it comes to hollow spaces, cold air can pass through. That is an energy efficient con right there, even though vinyl in other ways is supposed to be energy efficient. It’s hard to tell in that case which is better in terms of energy, vinyl or wood.

Vinyl is supposed to be good when it comes to insulation. Vinyl also gets the hard sell. You might have been aware of that one already. Wooden windows aren’t just sold less these days because people prefer vinyl. The window companies prefer vinyl, and so they hard sell the vinyl windows. It’s just how it goes these days.

A few decades ago, wooden windows were about half of what was sold to homeowners, and nowadays, the percentage is much less than that. Another advantage to vinyl windows is that they are cheaper than wooden windows. In fact, the experts say that they are about 25 percent cheaper. That’s a big difference, but it appears that the verdict is still out on which one is better.

A better way to put it would be to say that either one is a good idea. It’s really up to the homeowner which type of windows he or she wants up to have installed. What do you think? Do you want to choose wooden windows or vinyl? Maybe you have wooden windows right now, and you’re deciding on whether you want to have maintenance done on them another time or have vinyl installed. Call The Window Shoppe Replacement Windows at (760) 727-0001 for more questions about the benefits of vinyl or visit our showroom at 2445 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.

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