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FAQs When Buying Vinyl Windows

When purchasing replacement windows in San Diego, CA, one of the most popular types of windows are vinyl windows. We put together some common questions we get asked.

1. What are vinyl windows?

These are windows that use the synthetic material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main construction material. While other materials such as metals will be used to make some parts of the windows, the exposed parts of these windows are all made of PVC.

2. How long should vinyl windows last?

On average, vinyl replacement windows can last anywhere between 20 years and 40 years. The actual life expectancy of any window depends on the quality of maintenance you provide the windows, the prevailing climate in your region, and the amount of sunlight exposure the windows are placed under.

3. How do vinyl windows compare to windows made of other materials?

They compare quite favorably. For starters, the windows are self-lubricating, yielding better performance. They are also resistant to warping, twisting, swelling, and any other form of shape distortion. Additionally, they do not emit any odor, and, therefore, they are very safe.

4. Can you paint vinyl windows other colors?

There is no need to paint vinyl windows as their color is part of the material. The simple answer is yes. However, painting vinyl windows can be likened to painting a concrete wall; it is difficult, but not impossible. It requires you use a very intricate process of painting to end up with beautiful windows. Additionally, even before painting the windows you must commit to repainting the windows every two years or so to maintain a beautiful shine.

5. What window style does PVC come in?

Vinyl windows come in typical window styles. For instance, they come in double-hung, single-hung, casement, decorative, garden window style, fixed, horizontal sliding, bow, and bay styles.

6. How do vinyl windows withstand corrosive environments?

Vinyl windows are very resistant to corrosive conditions such as salt air and sea spray. They are thus the perfect windows for properties along the seashores. It’s one of the major advantages of vinyl.

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