What Is The Best Type Of Window Glass For Your Home

If you are renovating your home, you may want to consider replacing all of the windows. If it is an older home, potentially with single pane replacement windows in Del Mar, CA, or perhaps those with aluminum frames, you could be losing a substantial amount of heat and cold.

Del Mar Replacement Windows

If your energy bill is always running high during the summer and winter, getting in windows would be ideal. Let’s discuss the best type of window glass that you can use for your new windows in order to get control of the interior climate and your energy bill.

Why The Glass Matters for Replacement Windows

When you purchase new windows, they will often reference three specific things. First of all, they will discuss the type of window that you are getting. Whether you are getting bay windows, awning windows, double hung windows, or casement windows, it’s all about the size and their appearance. Second, you need to know whether it is a single pane, double pane, or a triple pane window. Finally, there is frame around the glass itself. Window frames are made from fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and even natural wood. However, out of all of this, it is the type of glass that you are using that can help you lower your energy costs.

What Is The Best Type Of Glass For Windows

US Department of Energy has recently stated that two and three pane windows are the most energy efficient. You might think that three sheets of glass pressed together would provide the most insulation. However, high-performance windows, you can get away with only two windowpanes. This is because of something called low emissivity. This is related to the insulating glass that is used. Due to the construction of the glass, you will be able to maintain constant temperatures within your home. This construction includes various types of gas, including argon gas, placed in between the gaps between the windowpanes. This will lead to higher levels of energy efficiency and several other benefits.

The Benefits Of Using Insulating Glass

Some of the benefits that you will experience will be a reduction in heat loss within your home. You also not lose the cold air produced by your central air conditioning system. The noise outside will also be less noticeable. This type of glass can also be in many different types of windows. This will expand your ability to choose from a wide variety of window styles and materials. You should choose window frames that use vinyl, or you could have fiberglass window frames instead.

A few final suggestions would be to spray window tints and glass coatings onto the glass itself. Low-E glass coatings will diminish UV light coming into your household. It will also block infrared light from the sun. This can be applied as a soft or hard coat. The hard coat is literally fused onto the window panes. A soft coat will be applied at room temperature, and is also sealed inside of the insulating glass providing ample UV protection from windows. By looking for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA with all of these qualities and benefits, you will see a dramatic change in your utility bills this year.

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