Considerations When Measuring for Replacement Windows

If you need to replace your windows in Oceanside, CA, you need to know how to measure for this. If you do not measure correctly, your replacement windows will not fit correctly. This can lead to a number of problems and a lot of frustration.

Oceanside California Window Replacement

Use Metric Measurements

Most people will use imperial measurements, but this does not offer the accuracy of metric measurements. Most window manufacturers will use metric measurements which means they will need to convert any imperial measurements you provide. This can lead to errors and miscalculations of the replacement window size.

Measure Outside

The first step to measuring is to go outside and measure your opening. You will need to have height and width measurements for the opening in the brickwork. If your property has removable windowsills, the measurement should be from underneath this.

When measuring your opening, you should take 3 measurements for the height and width. This should be at the top, middle and bottom of the window. This will ensure that the replacement window manufacturer has an accurate view of the exact size of the space.

Never Measure The Old Frame

A lot of people assume that you should measure the old frame to get the size for the new windows. This is something that you should avoid. The frame will no longer be suitable for the window when you replace it. This is particularly important if you are changing wood frames for uPVC.

It is also possible that the old frame has warped in the time it has been used. This will lead to incorrect measurements which result in your new windows not fitting correctly.

Deduct 10mm From The Measurement

This might seem like a strange step to take when measuring your windows, but you should do this. The final height and width measurements should be shortened by 10mm each. This will provide a small fitting allowance for the new frame.

The fitting allowance is important because it allows the fitter to ensure the window frames are sitting squarely in place. If there are any gaps, they can be filled with a spacer. This will keep the frame in the right place.

Always Double Check

If you are unsure of your measurements, you should not use them. Even if you are sure of your measurements, it does not hurt to take the measurements again. This will ensure that you are using the right measurements and that you do not waste money on windows that do not fit correctly.

It is important to note that window manufacturers are not going to accept responsibility for any incorrect measurements. The windows that you get will have to be paid for and you generally will not be able to replace them free of charge.

Call The Window Shoppe at (760) 727-0001 about your DIY installation or visit their factory at 2445 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081. If you are very unsure about your measurements, you should consult with a professional.

There are a few steps that you should take to measure for your replacement windows in Oceanside, CA. You need to do this from the outside of your home and use metric measurements. Avoid measuring the old frame and always double check your measurements.

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