Guide To Choosing New Replacement Windows For Your Home

The process of buying new home windows isn’t always a straightforward one. Several other factors, aside from the build, have to be considered to ensure a solid purchase.

How efficient the windows are and their style/design are two of the critical factors every homeowner has to consider when shopping for and buying new windows. You want to have aesthetically appealing windows for your home and ensure they are energy-efficient.

Escondido California Window Replacement

Energy-efficient window replacement in Escondido, CA can/are the difference between substantial energy bills and manageable ones.

The style of the windows is a factor no homeowner can overlook. Most windows are a product of 3 basic styles and designs. These are:

  1. Casement Windows: This type of window design opens from a hinge (just like a door) with a crank. The crank operation allows the window to stay tightly closed and is considered among the most energy-efficient window designs.
  2. Double-Hung Windows: As the name suggests, this window design has an upper and lower glass panel that allows the lower panel to be slid up. These windows have a weather seal installed all around to prevent air from escaping through. However, the weather seal is prone to damage over time, making them less than energy-efficient until the seal is restored.
  3. Sliding Windows: This window design is quite similar (in operation) to double-hung windows. The window panel thus slides over the other to the side. It also shares the weather seal problem as double-hung windows too.

It is by understanding the various window designs, their pros and cons, that you can choose the right design for your home. Once satisfied with your window design choice, you can then look into what options to make the windows as energy-efficient as possible. Here is a guide (and factors to consider) to help you identify the best energy-efficient windows.

  1. R-Value: This is the value used to determine a window’s ability to prevent heat loss. A high R-value denotes the efficiency of the windows. It would thus be advisable to go for windows with an R-value of at least 3. Higher efficient windows will, of course, cost much more.
  2. U-Factor: This is the measure of how your windows can prevent air leaks. You are thus better off with windows with a U-factor rating of 0.35 or less. A lower U factor rating is particularly recommended for regions experiencing extreme temperatures (cold or hot).

The type of glass treatment used for your windows has a direct impact on their overall efficiency too. Single pane window treatments have an insignificant effect on improving your home’s energy efficiency, hence considered the least efficient option to go for. You might thus want to invest in either double or triple glazing for improved and better efficiency. While double or triple glazing might cost a bit more, the overall savings for investing in these is remarkable.

It would be best if you also looked for low emissivity glass for your window treatments. Commonly known as Low-e glass, this window treatment features an invisible inert gas (argon, krypton, etc.) pumped in between the glass panes to help keep heat in or out of the house. Low e-window glass is, however, more expensive than double glazing.

Whatever your preferences (design, efficiency, and aesthetics) are, it would be wise to invest in the most energy-efficient windows you can afford. It’s only by investing in highly efficient replacement windows in Escondido, CA that your home will be more comfortable living in, and easy on your wallet too especially when buying from a factory direct window company like The Window Shoppe located at 2445 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081.

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