Popular Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors can be a great addition to your house. When done well, they will not only grant you quick access to the patio and backyard but also allow natural sunshine into the heart of your home. If you are on the search for patio doors in Vista, CA, you will want to look at the common types in the market.

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The layout of your house and how you intend to use the doors will help determine the best pick. Patio doors come in a wide array of styles and configurations.

If you are not sure about a certain option, you should consult a professional and experienced contractor to help you learn more about these options and how they can best apply to your situation. That being said, here are types of patio doors that you will come across.

Sliding Doors

Patio sliding doors are perhaps the most common in this day and age. They are made from clear glass that allows natural light to penetrate and also lend unobstructed views. They come in an array of configurations including the right to left, left to right as well as bi-directional. It all boils down to your preferences. A well-installed patio sliding door provides better insulation and makes better use of the space compared to other options. This makes it a more efficient door system.

Swinging Doors

Ideally referred to as French patio doors, swinging doors lend a timeless look and feel. This option can be either single or double and can be made to swing inward or outward depending on your space needs. Due to their ornate look and hardware, swinging doors are more common in homes with more traditional stylings.

Folding Doors

This is a multi-paneled, out-swinging door system that accordion folds to expose the whole room to the outdoors. When closed, these doors create a stylish glass wall that allows natural light. Folding doors are the most flexible type and can ideally be configured to open from the left, center or right.

Materials Used in Patio Doors

Apart from the type, it’s ideally important to consider the materials. Patio doors come in a huge array of materials including:

Vinyl- this is one of the popular materials for these doors. It’s sturdy, energy-efficient and will stand up to both cold and warm climates. Doors made from vinyl don’t fade, warp, peel or rot and come in a wide array of colors and finishes.

Aluminum- This is another common material for patio doors. It’s a durable and more cost-effective option, but not very energy efficient.

Fiberglass- This is another popular option for patio doors. It’s not only lightweight but sturdy and weather resistant. It’s in many ways similar to vinyl, but typically more expensive.


Each of the patio doors mentioned in this post has its benefits and downsides. As you review them, consider the purpose of getting a patio door. Do you want something that will enhance your ability to host and entertain? Do you want something more space and energy-friendly? Or are you looking to maximize natural light and outdoor visibility? The answer to this question will guide you in picking the best option. For great prices, call (760) 727-0001 or visit The Window Shoppe. They offer free tours and have an amazing resume on

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