Signs It’s Time To Get Replacement Windows

Windows have a lifespan of around 20 years – if maintained well over the years and made of high-quality materials. Several other factors might affect your window’s durability and performance aside from age; hence they may require replacing sooner rather than later.

However, your windows will give you all the warning signs; all you need to do is listen.

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Outlined are some of the warning signs it is time to get window replacement in Rancho Penasquitos, CA.

  1. Warped, Broken Or Damaged Windows

    While minor problems with your windows, such as the need for new weatherstripping, glass panes, or hardware, only need to be repaired, extensive damage, especially a broken window frame, sash, or a warped window, almost always calls for a replacement. Attempting to repair a warped window, for example, will not only be costly but could also affect the building’s structural integrity. Warped windows also make it almost impossible to close or open as you would with undamaged ones.
  2. Drafty Windows

    Hold a piece of tissue paper against the window to see if it quivers. If it does, then chances are the window is drafty. Drafty windows allow cold air into the house, especially in winter, forcing the furnace to work a lot harder to keep your home warm and comfortable. If installing a new seal, or weatherstripping the window doesn’t seem to help, it then might be time to have the window replaced. It would be wiser to have the windows replaced before the winter season starts.
  3. High Energy Bills

    Have your energy bills been on the rise over the past few months? Have you tried weatherstripping the windows and doors and adding more insulation to the attic, but still no difference? Chances are your windows are drafty or allow cold air into the house. Broken or foggy glass panes might also contribute to the high energy bills. Even the most energy-efficient HVAC system will struggle to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the months. If an energy audit suggests your windows are to blame, you should start looking for ways to replace them.
  4. Single Pane Windows

    Do you still have the old single-pane windows? While they might look great on your house, these windows aren’t anything close to energy efficient. Your HVAC system will always struggle to keep you warm and comfortable, even on the slightest change in weather. The worst thing about single-pane windows is that they offer no soundproofing or insulation whatsoever. Upgrading to the more energy-efficient double, or even triple-glazed windows should make a significant difference. These windows are designed to be energy-efficient, offer better soundproofing, and will go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. Investing in these windows will see the value of your home increase, with energy costs dropping significantly.

These are just but some of the signs that it’s time to replace your windows. Working with a certified contractor can help you determine the best windows for your house design. He/she will advise on energy-efficient windows to help reduce your carbon footprint even farther.

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