Things to Consider for DIY Window Replacement

Escondido California Window Replacement

DIY projects are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why it is important to ensure you have nailed every aspect before indulging. Windows are vital not just for the appearance of the home, but also lighting and aeration. If you are looking to successfully install Escondido, CA replacement windows on your own, here some important things to keep in mind:

Window Installation Skills

Do you have the required skills to replace the windows? The level of skills required tends to vary, depending on the type of project. For instance, installing a full-frame replacement window is way complex than working on an insert replacement video.

The latter allows you to keep the existing trim and frame, while the full-frame one calls for a complete tear-down and replacement. Reviewing product installation instructions and watching installation videos are great places to start if you want to gauge the magnitude of the project.

Proper Tools

Do you have the right tools for the DIY project? You can get a detailed list of everything needed for specific projects, but most of them require the following:

-Tape measure
-Safety glasses
-Utility knife
-Putty knife
-Power drill

A Proper Schedule

What amount of time do you have for the window replacement project? For a full-frame window project, expect to spend between 4 to 6 hours on each window. Insert replacement windows may call for less time, but always set additional time aside for going through the installation guides.

Other Essential Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Check for Functionality

An ideal window will get rid of the need for storm windows, but chances are you’ll want screens. Most windows have a tilt-in feature that eases cleaning.

  1. Check the Energy Efficiency

Most windows will have an energy efficiency label. If you are not adept with these figures, do some research or ask the salesperson to explain.

  1. Save Money with Additional Panes

Triple-glazed windows are usually more energy-efficient and therefore pay for themselves faster. These windows often have some type of gas between the panes, usually, krypton or argon, which boosts the insulation.

  1. Pick an Exact Fit

Even a window with the highest energy efficiency rating will not help you if it is not adequately insulated. When working on your windows, ensure there’s a little extra room for insulating and shimming. Ensure the trim work is big and secure enough to fit the replacement window. Once you are done with the installation, ensure that every crevice is filled with foam or fiberglass insulation. You can look for drafts by holding a candle up to the window to see whether it flickers.

  1. Get Proper Flashing

The top region is one of the easiest places to leak, and if it’s not correctly flashed with a drip cap, your window will sustain damage over time.

  1. Check the Shims

To ascertain a perfect fit, windows need to shimmed. So, properly check the shims to ensure there are no bulges in the middle of the windows.

This is no comprehensive guide on how to go about DIY windows replacement, but it covers the most important aspects to keep in mind. If you’re interested in getting great priced replacement windows in Escondido, CA for your home DIY project, give The Window Shoppe a call.

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