3 Essential Tools Needed for Home Window Installations

New windows will increase the value of your home and its beauty. Investing in a new set of windows for your entire home is not cheap but besides adding value and beauty, they will also improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. One way to make your investment more affordable is by installing the windows yourself vs hiring a home window installation service.

This is not as difficult a job as you might think. There are plenty of tutorials on how to remove the existing windows and install the new ones. You can view videos online or get detailed instructions from the window manufacturer or the dealer. To install them correctly you need three important tools.

Basic tools:

  • Durable caulking gun with sealant
  • High quality power drill
  • Strong pry bar

You need a caulking gun with sealant, a power drill, and a pry bar. You will also find a caulking gun, putty knife and safety glasses helpful. The pry bar will be used to remove the old panes. The drill and hammer will help you secure the new panes into the frames.

Most windows come ready to install so really all you need to worry about is prying away the old windows and frames and prepping the frame for the new ones. These insert replacements are completely assembled. They are also referred to as pocket windows and they basically slip in an existing frame and get fastened to the side jambs.

Full Frame Replacement/Installation

Full-frame home window replacement are also a type you might be working with. They have a full frame and are the option to use when you have an old or worn out frame. You need tools to strip the window opening both inside and out.

When you go to buy your replacements, you will need to select between the two types. The full-frame replacements are best for older homes with window frames that have some rot or wear and tear that makes it impossible to insert the replacements.

Installing replacement windows will take about four hours per frame. You should have help when doing the installation. Windows can be heavy and you will need a hand when carrying them to the frame for installation. Pull the old windows out using the pry bar.

Clean the opening, apply sealant and position the sill to the bottom. Use the power drill to drill the installation screws into the jambs. Make sure to level your windows and then tighten the screws at the top and bottom as needed. If you are just looking for a great price and want to install yourself, buy from a factory direct replacement window company like The Window Shoppe. Learn more or Call today (760) 727-0001 or visit 2445 La Mirada Drive, Vista, CA 92081.

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